Our Processes

As an insightful enterprise, we probe the potentials for integrating traditional Ayurvedic expertise with the tenets of contemporary science. Our ambition is to modernize and develop potent herbal supplements that provide indelible remedies for today’s medical concerns. The manufacturing processes of these products adhere to the stringent regulations, ensuring hygiene and safety. The processes followed in our pilot plants are not just time intensive, but also, are supervised by virtuoso Ayurvedic doctors. After comprehensive analysis of medicinal herbs, numerous clinical tests and safety assessments, the herbs are processed further to develop an authentic product, which eventually reaches your doorstep.

Quality of Herbs

We acquire herbs from a multitude of environments, notably lush woodlands and untouched pastures, or they are sustainably cultivated in a naturalistic environment, or they come from government-approved facilities. Our herbs are procured during the appropriate period when the herbs are at the pinnacle of their vigor and pristine. The enormous Himalayan region, the forests of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, the native range of Northeastern India, and the Land of Spices, Kerala; are the primary sources of herbal ingredients. In order to ensure that our products are of the highest caliber possible, we also buy some of our rare and exotic herbs explicitly from agronomists. We dispatch the herbs or herbal extracts for further usage, only if it satisfies our exacting standards of quality.

Manufacturing Processes

Production processes are meticulously scrutinized from beginning to conclusion. Khayal manufactures high-quality Ayurvedic medicines and herbal cures, at its avant-garde GMP Center, which is dispersed out over 15,000 square feet and was unveiled by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

As a GMP certified and Indian-FDA registered Ayurvedic medication manufacturer, we are devoted to producing optimum quality and effectual herbal remedies. All of our products are manufactured in our cutting-edge, GMP production facility, which is equipped with the most innovative technology currently available in the market. Our apparatus enables us to make herbal goods of the utmost quality while upholding the highest standards of herb authenticity, safety, and conformance. At all of our production sites, we adhere to the No Child Labor Policy.

Our manufacturing unit also conforms to stringent sterilization guidelines to keep the edifice incredibly hygienic and free of mosquitoes. Advanced sanitary mechanisms are used throughout the industrial facilities to prevent accidental dirt buildup, biological degradation, etc. All employees adhere to explicitly documented procedures that are closely enforced throughout the production process. Quality check professionals record and analyze each stage of the manufacturing process. The appropriate upkeep and disinfection of machinery is executed according to a schedule, which is logged in the corporate registers for assessment by the governmental agencies and impartial inspection bodies. Each batch’s manufacturing documents, which include a list of all raw materials employed, are retained for at least three years after the batch’s expiration date.

Clinical Testing

In order to ascertain transparency and excellent service, we get our products inspected by reputable third-party laboratories like SGS Labs and Eurofins Labs, which are acknowledged as the industry benchmark for excellence, authenticity, and precise results.

Our certification

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