Khayal at a Glance

Khayal was conceived with the intent to be there for everyone. We aspired to develop the most revolutionary and trailblazing healthcare products in the world, by taking ideas from the traditional Ayurvedic practices, which are being employed since 1000 BC. And, this inclination, gave birth to Khayal. It has been very well quoted that “For every illness or ailment known to man, God has a plant out there, that will heal it. We just need to keep discovering their properties for natural healing.” That is exactly what we do. Here, at Khayal, we take references from over 5000-year-old ancient Ayurvedic texts, to create unfeigned and indigenous therapies and remedies, by cautiously procuring native and rare herbs, and fusing them with contemporary therapeutics.

Our History

The bequest of Ayurveda dates back to more than 3,000 years back. Since then, Ayurveda is being employed to treat ailments. But, due to the advent of state-of-the-art technology and methodologies, the authenticity of Ayurveda has suffered notably. In contemporary epoch, there are a plethora of prevalent Ayurvedic ventures and over a thousand of Ayurvedic products, which promise zillions of health-related benefits. But, thanks to their subpar and defiled quality, they end up doing more harm than good. Quite a few times, their side-effects can become grievous and persisting, leading to a slew of concerns. What we got to observe was, that just to cut costs and reduce the time it took to extract products, production companies were employing manufacturing practices, which were not true to Ayurveda.

Our principles

Following old Ayurvedic scriptures meticulously and amalgamating the ancient profundity with the status quo innovation and technology is Khayal’s guiding philosophy. We fervently believe in the power of the age-old Indian medicinal system, and want the world to acknowledge the splendor of Ayurveda. We aspire to be there for everyone, and for that, we endeavor day and night, upholding utmost transparency and integrity. Another one of our distinguishing principles, which defines us, is honesty. We remain true to our values and our customers, who put faith in us. We don’t chase after money, but rather, we pursue customer satisfaction and authenticity. We steer away from spurious claims and promises, as we don’t believe in over-exaggeration of facts. Instead, whatever we commit, we deliver. Our conglomerate is law abiding, and we always conform to the ethical production practices. Conclusively, going by our name “Khayal”, our utmost priority is to be kind, solicitous and benign, as we are driven by the desire to care for everyone.

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the most credible and bona fide Ayurvedic enterprise through the production of merchandise of optimum quality. By endeavoring to be righteous in our operations, we intend to adhere to the benchmark standards. We dream of promoting general health, by amalgamating innovation with primordial Ayurveda.  At Khayal, we believe that the Ayurveda of past is the answer to today’s health-related concerns. We are sure that the solutions to all our issues lie in the ancient scriptures and literature, which have been bestowed upon us by our ancestors. We envision a world, where Ayurveda is the panacea to all ailments of today. In an Aeon, where Ayurveda is constantly questioned, we want to be an enterprise, which streamlines and refurbishes the comprehension of its principles. Over the next 10 years, we dream of becoming a paragon Ayurvedic corporation, which is an epitome of pre-eminence, when it comes to product quality and legitimacy. Although, there are innumerable organizations, which manufacture Ayurvedic products, we aspire to dive deep in the world of Ayurveda, and anticipate to be a pioneer, when it comes to blithely integrating the discipline of Ayurveda with today’s science of healthcare, to generate a physical, cognitive and a spiritual symphony.

Our Mission

To become indispensable to our clientele by looking after their health through our altruistic and distinctive products. We aim to offer commodities, which ameliorate the holistic well-being of individuals, and are steadfast to provide care for every member of your household; from an infant to elderly. Our ambition is to introduce Ayurveda to the globe, so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom of our forefathers. Our aim is to become the most sought after Ayurvedic brand by providing our customers with 100% genuine and credible products. Our mission is straightforward – To serve the world with excellence and make it possible for the goodness of Ayurveda to reach every doorstep.

Our certification

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