Ayurveda accentuates on prevention of ailments and promotes health maintenance through appropriate mindset, nutritious eating, active lifestyle, intake of herbs, and most importantly by prioritizing balance in one’s life. Knowledge of Ayurveda empowers one to comprehend how to foster this balance of body, mind and consciousness, as per one’s own individual composition and how to make lifestyle changes to engender and conserve this balance. Each person has a distinctive pattern of energy—a unique blend of physiological, intellectual, and psychological traits—that makes them up. According to Ayurveda, there are three fundamental types of energy, or doshas, called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which are prevalent in everyone. All humans possess vata, pitta, and kapha traits; however, one is typically predominant, one subsidiary, and the third is typically least evident. According to Ayurveda, illness is brought on by imbalance brought on by an overabundance or shortfall of these doshas.

“Ayurveda does not focus on the disease, but on the balance of these energies or tridoshas. When these energies are harmonized inside a human body, the body’s natural defensive mechanisms are powerful and better able to fend off disease.”

Vata: Of the three Ayurvedic doshas, vata is acknowledged as the dominant force. Vata, the element of movement, controls all bodily activity, both physical and psychological. It is in charge of several different bodily processes, including respiration, eye movements, heartbeat, and many others. The Vata is dynamic and exuberant when it is in balance. When the vata is out of equilibrium, one may have issues like dryness, coughing, and fragile hair.

Pitta: Pitta is the fire component. Through the chemical alteration of food (controlling digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, and metabolism), it fosters vigor and hunger while moderating body temperature. The pitta dosha is characterized by strong willpower, determination, and a propensity for authority. An unbalanced pitta can result in irritability, rage, and even searing illnesses like blisters and inflammation.

Kapha: This dosha keeps the body’s resistance strong. This dosha is in charge of lubrication and sustenance. Kapha dominant people are described as intellectual, composed, and stable. In balance, it moisturizes the skin, maintains immunity and lubricates the joints. Although, out of balance, it leads to exhaustion, allergies, excess weight, and fluid retention.

Area of Innovation

At Khayal, we accentuate Research and Development, modernization, transformation, and self-amelioration in order to establish a progressing venture. As a consequence, we are consistently striving to improve our mechanisms, our strategies, and most pertinently, our merchandise, which are in thorough conformance with AYUSH benchmarks. You may be ascertained that you are being bestowed with exceptional natural herbal concoctions, since Khayal assures 100 percent integrity, transparency, reliability, and unwavering adherence to traditional Ayurvedic narratives. To enhance the quality of our products, we focus on internal competence and self-improvement methods. Heavy Metals like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Mercury are tested on all of our export items, and we ascertain that they are far within the permitted levels.

Area of Focus

The foundation of our methodology dwells in the primitive Ayurvedic scriptures. The constituent ingredients and the processes employed in manufacturing of our products, follow the ancient sagacity to the T. Khayal, strigently acts in accordance with the preaching of Acharya Charaka, who is acclaimed as the Father of Indian Medicine. All the procedures, which are carried out in the manufacturing plants, are implemented as per his divine teachings. Each and every constituent is purified as per the Ayurvedic wisdom. All the techniques are monitored with utmost integrity.

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